Ear Infection Treatment for children at The Salt Cave

We've been coming for Salt Therapy sessions 3 times a week for one month. After the second week there was still much fluid in the ear, after the third week it became less and after the fourth week there was no fluid in the ear. In the last two weeks speech has improved a lot and a hearing test is scheduled, but tube surgery is cancelled. (2 years old) - Joey, London, Dec 2018

Salt kills bacteria (the salt dries out all the germs and bacteria)

Salt has mucolytic effects (loosens excessive mucus)

Ear infections are common in babies and small children. A child may pull or rub at an ear, but babies can’t always tell where pain is coming from and may just cry and seem uncomfortable. Ear infections are usually divided into those which occur in the ear canal (otitis externa) and those which occur in the small space behind the eardrum (the middle ear).

The middle ear space sometimes becomes filled with mucus (fluid), often during a cold. The mucus may then become infected by germs (bacteria or viruses). Children with glue ear who have mucus behind their eardrum are more prone to ear infections. Sometimes an ear infection occurs 'out of the blue' for no apparent reason.


The Salt Cave has helped my breathing enormously, much more than years of using inhalers, and I have been singing your praises to many people, including doctors. I think you could save the NHS a fortune!

I must admit I was rather sceptical about how much sitting in a room full of salt would help. 12 sessions later and I have to admit I have been rather suprised. I am amazed at how much it has aided me in my running... Prior to the treatment, I lived on Piriton for my hayfever, I have not had a pill for the last couple of weeks and have not suffered at all!

The course of treatments at the Salt Cave resulted in a big reduction in Asthma and Eczema related symptoms for me. Also, it is a very relaxing environment. The Salt Cave is well run and staff were friendly and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend this to other people.

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