Breeze Tronic Pro - Product Description


While treating more than 7 000 clients we have tried and tested all of the medical and non-medical devices available on the market related to Salt Therapy. We came to the realization that none of these manufacturers have ever provided Salt Therapy themselves, therefore they don’t know what makes the therapy better from a medical point of view, or what makes the machine more user friendly and helps the operator to sell this non tangible therapy to their patients. As a result of this experience we have decided to develop our own medical device cooperating with a company which has specialized in manufacturing high-profile devices for various market sectors. After 1.5 years of development and hard work by our engineers, technicians, programmers, electricians and medical specialists we are now happy to introduce the Breeze Tronic Pro.




General description

The purpose of the Breeze Tronic Pro medical device is to recreate, monitor and control the microclimate of natural salt mines. Dry sodium chloride aerosol containing particles of 0.5-5 mkm is produced by the diffuser and pumped into the salt therapy room. Using the various sensors in the room and outgoing ducting we can make sure that clients breath in the most efficient microclimate for their condition.

We have built an algorithm which calculates the best microclimate of clients with a specific set of conditions based on the clinical trials and studies. The user has to select the medical condition of each client and the machine will do the rest using it's software, algorithm and the various sensors in the machine and the room (outgoing ducting).

The device can be used in spacious rooms up to 150 m³ (10-13 people can be seated).


Stylish design and user friendly interface

There is no more embarrassing experience than after the weeks of hard work have gone in to convincing a journalist or doctor to finally visit you and they laugh when they see your cheap / simple machine with a similar display to a calculator. We have been through this many times when we used a competitor’s device therefore we know exactly how important it is to have a professional looking device. A nice large LCD display in a stainless steel frame with led backlit logo and an acrylic housing doesn't just look good but also makes it much easier to operate the device, because all the important information is visible at one glance.


User control with a 7" LCD touch screen

The system has a touch screen based user interface where the user can select the medical condition of each client (e.g. acute asthma, COPD, sinusitis). Based on this information the software calculates the appropriate concentration and particle size for each specific session’s mix of clients.

Simply calculating an average would not be sufficient as it could cause that some of the clients has too swift reaction to the therapy causing asthma attack.

The main unit generates and blows into the therapy room negative ionised salt particles. The sensor unit located in the therapy room (outgoing ducting) continuously measures the size of the particles and the concentration; the main unit will continuously adjust the salt volume and particle size accordingly.

Internal sensors

Due to the various internal sensors the operator is informed immediately if salt runs out or any part of the device experiences an error. The device and the remote control will also beep and display on the LCD the exact problem. Due to independent fuses if something goes wrong (e.g. a bulb in the room) all the other functions of the device will continue to work, only the light specific fuse will blow in order to protect the device, however the therapy won’t be disturbed. If the humidity or temperature moves out of the ideal range the operator will be informed. It is really important as if the humidity or temperature is too low / high the healing effect of the therapy will be reduced.

If Salt runs out from the feeder, or any fan would break down the operator is informed immediately with audio/visual signs at the medical device and also on the remote control.

External sensors

Based on the signal of the external sensor unit a microprocessor calculates every second the ideal speed of feeder motor, the speed of the mill motor, speed of the internal fan and also the speed of the booster fan to reach and keep the ideal concentration and particle size.

Temperature and humidity is also monitored, if it leaves the recommended range the operator is informed with audio/visual signs on the main unit and also on the remote control


Booster fan

A booster fan is located in the outgoing air ducting (controlled by the main device) which exhaust air from the therapy room (providing a balanced distribution) during the therapy, can be used to eliminate overpressure and also to reduce concentration. With this the salt concentration will be the same right net to the machine and also in the other end of the therapy room.


Air exchange system

After each therapy session the used air is exchanged using high capacity fans, filters, motorized dampers with fresh filtered oxygen rich clean air to keep the therapy room fresh and to exhaust any bacteria or infection of the previous group.


Software upgrade

Using a memory card based bootloader module we can update the software on the device remotely with sending the new flash and eeprom content in an email to the client, who copies it to a memory card and insert it to the main unit


Service and error logging

The system logs the number of hours it was running since the last maintenance and the parameters of the last 5 sessions. If any malfunction occurs this information for the servicing and to be able to prove user errors can be crucial. This data can be acquired remotely using the memory card writer module as well

The system can inform the client if servicing is due based on the number of session and signals of internal / external modules


Therapy Information displayed on a TV and relaxation music played for clients

The control panel also has an internal MP3 player and an amplifier connected to play relaxation music to the clients if external speakers are connected.

A media box - which is located in the therapy room is connected to the main unit. It shows on a TV the remaining time, concentration, humidity, temperature and the medical conditions selected for that sessions to the patients.