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Salt Cave Reception

What is Breeze Tronic Pro?

Breeze Tronic Pro is a system for generating and maintaining a negative ionised dry saline microclimate in a dedicated therapy room for groups developed by Allergy & Asthma Ltd.

Where can it be used?

It can be fitted in your hotel, spa, surgery, beauty salon, yoga studio, health centre or can be set up as an individual clinic.

Who is it beneficial for?

You can treat patients with respiratory illnesses such as asthma, allergy, hay fever, sinusitis, COPD, eczema, etc reducing their sick days and drug usage. And most importantly providing a symptom free period which can last for years.

Due to the negative ionised microclimate you can also provide SPA sessions for people without respiratory illnesses where the negative ions neutralize the electro-smog (positive charged) reducing stress and providing a healthier life.

Allergy & Asthma Drug Free Treatment Centre

Chairs in the Cave

Why is it better than the other devices on the market?

Probably you are wondering which is the best device for you to use at your new halotherapy centre. Most of the companies offering devices for salt therapy has no first hand experience of providing this therapy. They never meet patients, their doctors, never use their own devices all day every day.

We developed the Breeze Tronic Pro because we needed a good device. A better device than the ones were available on the market. They just did not meet the expectations of our patients, the doctors or the press. We introduced this therapy in the UK and there was no second chance.

Breeze Tronic Pro is the first system on the market which:

  • Participated successfully in an NHS's / Department of health Personal Health Budget scheme project for treating COPD
  • Has a laser sensor unit measuring the particle size and monitoring the concentration in the therapy room
  • Has an LCD touch screen based User Interface where the user can select the medical condition of EACH patient
  • Due to a unique algorithm the system can calculate and maintain the ideal microclimate parameters based on clinical studies
  • Has a Booster Fan controlled by the medical device which is responsible for a balanced salt distribution and air pressure
  • Has a media box showing the clients on a TV in the therapy room the parameters of the microclimate and all the information on the therapy - just like on an airplane
  • Software can be upgraded remotely via Email / Memory Card
  • Built in MP3 player and amplifier - just connect up your speakers straight to the medical device
  • For the other new features click here
Medical Doctor at Salt Cave clinic
Walls are covered with salt

Don't pay for the medical device! Let it pay for itself! You can also trade in your existing one! Click Here!