According to the CAP code in The United Kingdom suitably qualified medical advice should be sought for the medical conditions mentioned on this website. The Salt Cave Ltd does not diagnose these medical conditions and does not provide medical advice. Salt Therapy is a complementary therapy and clients should not stop taking the medications prescribed by their doctor / respiratory specialist.

Asthma treatment at The Salt Cave

I couldn’t even walk upstairs without getting breathless. I have now had approximately 20 sessions and I can feel and see the difference in myself. I am now able to run up the stairs at Earlsfield station and am much better in the gymnasium as regards to cycling, running and weights. I feel that my breathing has improved overall. - Beth, London, Sept 2018

There are over five million people with asthma in the UK. That is one in every 12 adults. Although the respiratory system is essentially in good working order, the bronchi (small tubes carrying air in and out of the lungs) become inflamed and more sensitive than usual.

When you come into contact with something that irritates your lungs, your airways narrow, the muscles around them tighten and there is an increase in the production of sticky mucus (phlegm).

Salt is antibacterial

Salt helps reduces inflammation, which can widen your airways

Salt is mucolytic, which means it helps to shift retained mucus

Salt therapy removes pathogen agents such as airborne pollen

  • Wheezing (high-pitched whistling sounds when breathing out)
  • Cough, worse particularly at night
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Chest tightness
Medical Training Presentation

The session was fantastic and I am writing a very glowing report. I genuinely did feel a huge difference in my nose, I am usually completely blocked up and after the first session I felt distinctly clearer and found it easier to breath. A friend who I met at lunch time commented I sounded less nasal, cheek! I had no idea I EVER sounded nasal!

Kelly B

Asthma UK recommended me to attend The Salt Cave. I have now had approximately 20 sessions (Between June and November) and I can feel and see the difference in myself. I am now able to run up the stairs at Earlsfield station and am much better in the gymnasium as regards to cycling, running and weights. I feel that my breathing has improved overall.

Barry S

No improvement was really noticed until after the 5th treatment. His asthma has greatly improved and he very rarely requires his salbutamol (blue) inhaler. He has again been able to get involved in physical activities at and school again and is now a much more relaxed, calm child.

Daniel M

I found my breathing improved, I was not waking up at night coughing or needing my inhalers. My chronic sneezing episodes also reduced considerably. I come regularly now and bring my baby daughter along with me. I would highly recommend the treatment as it is a totally natural approach and has no side effects I would much rather have regular sessions in the cave than regular visits to the doctors accompanied by various drugs!

Nicki J

I only had one treatment but overnight my air passages were absolutely clear despite the feather pillows! And the next day I felt more energised.

Sue D

Every 6 weeks or so I was on antibiotics or steroids for breathing problems. We saw the ‘Salt Cave’ in Tunbridge Wells and really out of desperation decided to pay for a course of 10 sessions. I had no problems at all with my asthma, so booked another 10. When I finished them I could feel slight problems coming back, so booked another 10 and in all this time I have not had to take any antibiotics or steroids! It has been an amazing help for me!

Tammy F

After 10 sessions I have noticed that Toby is breathing much more easily at night and I have had to give him his ventolin much less frequently. The cold he had when he started treatment has mostly gone (usually his cold last for around two months).

Toby C

After the 5th session I felt something in my neck, it felt unusual. But it was a good thing. Through all of my other sessions they helped me with a lot of my problems. It’s very relaxing, calm and I really like the lights on the ceiling. I hope you have a happy future!

Diamanta K

I have recommended the salt cave to so many people and will continue to do so. Our experience was extremely positive and the team at the salt cave are so flexible and friendly. We cannot thank you enough.


Georgie has had to use his inhalers far less (definitely not daily anymore) and he breathes easily when sleeping. He doesn’t snore anymore either, which is amazing. We haven’t been near a hospital since November (two months during winter!!); just before we started 10 sessions of salt cave treatment! We are delighted.


As soon as you walk in the cave you notice a difference. Any breathing discomfort is eliminated. The salt cave is a beautiful relaxing environment to do just that. Some days I can stream with hayfever and it can ruin my day. The salt cave is a natural alternative to taking medication and instantly effective. I would recommend it to everyone.

Paul B

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