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Sofia Benke at The Salt Cave

Sofia Benke and Denes Gal

Allergy & Asthma Ltd – the owner of The Salt Cave brand and clinics was founded by Sofia Benke and Denes Gal in 2007.

Sofia gained a BA degree in business studies at Oxford Brooks University and also an IAA Diploma in Marketing Communications. She started her career in Luxemburg working in the PR and Marketing sector. Afterwards she changed countries and career and she started to work in international HR in Hungary and later in London at Accenture.

As she was already speaking 5 languages and was really interested in the health sector she decided to work during the University years in the summer at a hospital in Corfu as an interpreter. After the second year she was not just translating but also assisting doctors during basic surgeries. Dealing with patients and helping people became her passion.

Denes started to work in the family business when he was 12. He has set up and managed the computer network of his Father’s companies with over a 200 employees and $30m yearly turnover.

He gained a Master of Business Administration degree in Economics and Information Management at the Corvinus University of Budapest. During the university and master studies he was solely managing one of the companies in the family group with 20 employees.

After he gained the MBA degree he moved to London and worked for various investment banks including Barclays Capital, Bank of Scotland Treasury and RBS.

Sofia and Denes decided to start their own business and introduce salt therapy in the UK. This therapy was familiar for them from Hungary but as they were not satisfied with the available technologies they decided to explore all options available in the world and build their own technology and business model. They purchased a know how from a Canadian clinic and purchased all the available devices related to this therapy what they tested for months.

As a next step they have hired a doctor and a PR specialist and opened the UK’s first Salt Cave in January 2009. Due to their deep knowledge of salt therapy and business experience they have managed to achieve what no one earlier on this market:

  • Over 50 press releases were published in the high-profile media such as CNN, BBC, Guardian, Daily Mail
  • Over 7000 clients were treated in 2 years
  • 5 Salt Caves were built and operating under The Salt Cave brand

They have managed to achieve a professional reputation for Salt Therapy, such as:

  • Asthma UK recommends their therapy to patients
  • NHS pays for their therapy
  • GPs, physiotherapists and osteopaths send patients to them
  • Royal Brompton Hospital monitors their clients
  • Verita Advanced Wellness in Singapore is running clinical trials on their version of Salt Therapy

As none of the available devices met their requirement for providing Salt Therapy on this level they have developed their own medical device, the Breeze Tronic Pro with a team of electricians, programmers, medical specialists and engineers. With this device a new era started in the history of Salt Therapy.

Finally using their unique business model, tehcnology and medical device they provide help to entrepreneurs with the intention to open a salt cave. A complete franchise package is available for customers in the UK but simply a medical device and Training & Technology package can be purchased by non UK customers. They have already helped a number of companies in Ireland, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Johannesburg or in Australia with their Salt Cave projects.

Currently they are working on developing their franchise package to extpand with hundreds of branches in the UK and also in Asia cooperating with Quantum Life Technologies.