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Participating in an NHS project

by Sofia on August 1st, 2012

We are very proud to let our clients know that we have been invited by NHS to participate in a pilot project. The project belongs to the Personal Health Budgets (a scheme run by the Department of Health, further info is available on

The idea behind this scheme is to enable people with long term conditions to have greater choice, flexibility and control over the health care and support they receive.

The Department of Health is allocated various medical conditions to NHS trusts in the country; stroke, diabetes and COPD was selected for HAVERING PCT (Personal Care Trust).

Over half the primary care trusts in England applied to participate in the personal health budgets pilot programme. Seventy-one sites have provisional pilot status. You can see the sites involved and the scope of work they are focusing on by downloading the list of pilot sites below.

Twenty of these pilot sites (including Havering PCT)  have been selected for an in-depth study, as part of a wider evaluation exploring who will benefit most from personal health budgets and how the NHS can make them work.

The independent evaluation study is being conducted by a partnership between existing research teams at three institutions, led by the personal social services research unit (PSSRU) at the University of Kent.

We have been recruited for providing therapy for COPD at Havering PCT. We have achieved amazing results hence this project went forward to the evaluation phase last year. University of Kent finished the evaluation process just now and it was sent over to the government.

The government will make a decision by October 2012 about rolling out the therapy we provide for COPD nationwide.

We don’t know what the decision will be but we are extremely proud that NHS chose us to participate in this project and that we have achieved amazing improvement at clients suffering from COPD. As you can see over 50 PCTs has fallen out at the first stage and many therapies at the evaluation phase as well. So the signs are really good and I hope that in the near future COPD sufferers can benefit from this therapy nationwide.

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