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Feb 7 17

Could your favourite fast food give you an asthma attack?!!

by Yasmin Dear

Did you know that a number of your favourite burgers and fast food items contain a preservative that is well known to contribute to exacerbating asthmatic symptoms.

Many foods such as dried fruits, fizzy drinks and your favourite fast food burgers contain a preservative called sulphur dioxide.  It has been documented since the 1980′s that if you are an asthma sufferer are more likely to have reaction to the sulphur dioxide, with around 5-10% of asthmatics being likely to have a reaction to the preservative.  Sensitivity to the preservative can present by inducing wheezing and difficulty breathing.  It is also worth mentioning that you do not have to have asthma to have a reaction to sulphur dioxide if you have a sulphite sensitivity or sulphite allergy then you can present with these symptoms if you eat food containing the preservative, however asthmatics are more likely to have a reaction than your average person with healthy lungs.

As part of my research I went through one particular fast food chains menu and found that all items containing chicken (not including the plain chicken burger) all have the preservative sulphur dioxide.

The presence of sulphur dioxide is often recorded as E220 on the list of ingredients although there are various other preservatives that contain sulphites that could cause similar reactions so read the label first.

Make sure to read the ingredients before you consume as your favourite burger could land you in the hospital!

Nov 3 14

Six Foods That Can Relieve Asthma Naturally

by Sofia

Hippocrates said ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’ But most of the nearly 6 million people, who suffer from asthma in the UK, don’t always follow this adage. Most of the people choose to rely solely on conventional treatments such as steroids and asthma inhalers to reduce their symptoms, even though these can have nasty side effects. What many people don’t realise is that just by incorporating certain foods into their lifestyle, they can not only ease their asthma symptoms naturally, but can also reap long term health benefits.

Here are six of the most beneficial foods:


Research has shown that children who eat a banana each day have a 34% lower chance of going on to develop asthmatic symptoms such as wheezing. Bananas are one of the best sources of vitamin B6 which produces compounds that have been shown to help relax bronchial muscle tissue.


Avocados contain a substance called glutathione which is known to protect cell damage from free radicals. It also works to detoxify the body of pollutants which can lead to breathing problems. They are also a rich source of vitamin E. Avocados can help in stabilizing blood sugar levels, improving cardiovascular health and protect the eyes against age related degeneration.


Garlic is another super-food that has many health benefits, including maintaining cardiovascular health, preventing cancer and reducing high blood pressure. It is has high levels of vitamin C, which neutralizes free radicals that can cause contraction of the airways in asthma patients. Raw garlic also reduces the amount of histamines produced in the body which can help ease the inflammation, which can cause allergic reactions in asthmatics.


You probably wouldn’t think it, but breathing in salt is also beneficial in easing the symptoms of Asthma. Salt therapy which has been around for over 3000 years, has various natural benefits. It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and helps to loosen and break up mucus. It also helps to remove pathogenic agents like airborne pollen from the airways and reduce IgE levels which can cause oversensitivity of the immune system.


Asthma patients can also benefit from eating sunflower seeds on a regular basis. They are packed full of nutrients including potassium, magnesium and Vitamin E. In addition one cup contains a third of the daily recommended amount of selenium which is a mineral that is known to help individuals that struggle with asthma, by reducing various symptoms such as shortness of breath and wheezing.


Parsley loosens phlegm and can help to rid the airways of a build-up of mucus. Eating parsley can relieve tightness across the chest muscles and soothe sore throats that can be aggravated by coughing bouts when the mucus has been expelled.


Aug 6 13

Incredible results on COPD. Read Alans’ story.

by Sofia

It is always so rewarding to receive testimonials like this, especially knowing that Alan was suffering from severe COPD and chest infections.

“Last winter 2012/13 I suffered 5 hospitalisations due to chest infections, the final one in Feb 2013 culminated in hospital acquired pneumonia for which I was on C-PAP ventilator for 6days. I left the hospital after 19 days severely weakened with an Oxygen Concentrator machine which I have to use for 16hrs EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! All sadly down to stressful jobs in the music industry and smoking thinking it would alleviate the stress.
I was also using 8-12 nebulizer sessions & 12 Carbocistien tablets to clear phlegm twice the recommended daily dosage. Most of the time I could walk no further than 20yrds without stopping to get my breath back!
Being told by NHS respiratory nurses that “there is no cure you should try to make the best of the time you have left” wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear whilst trying to recover. In 1997 I had been diagnosed HIV +ve and given 6 months to live, I’m not the type to roll over and die! So I googled “alternative therapies for COPD” and up jumped THE SALT CAVE. I read about it, mulled it over, spoke to friends then thought what the heck I can’t be any worse off.

During my 1st session at Earlsfield I coughed quite a bit enough for a nice lady who was in the session to pass comment. But as soon as I came out I felt my breathing was a bit clearer. So I came back the next week and tried again. At this point one of my death wish nurses had the Gaul to suggest that the therapy was causing carbon dioxide retention and interfering with my Oxygen Therapy via the Concentrator. Later it was decided it had nothing to do with THE SALT CAVE but the fact that I am extremely Oxygen sensitive, now on 0.5ltr x 16hrs daily the lowest they can measure to give me!
I’m delighted to report that since the 3rd or 4th session I am now not using the nebuliser at all and have stopped completely taking the carbosistien tablets. In addition to THE SALT CAVE I read an American writers book published in 2005 called “how I cured my mum’s COPD” he advocates a zero sugar diet which I have not yet achieved but am very close to. Strangely my pulmonary doctor told me of a trial in 2011 which highlighted the reduction in sugar in COPD patients with better recovery rates and less hospital admissions, 6yrs after the American wrote his book that the drug companies dismissed (no money for them in it!).

I would recommend THE SALT CAVE highly to other COPD sufferers I used to cough until I vomited trying to clear phlegm for my windpipe and lungs now a gentle cough without even trying brings it up. Whilst I’m not sure of the overall benefits to the illness itself it certainly took care of the most major of symptoms of COPD phlegm build up and all the difficulties it causes. ¾ sessions of THE SALT CAVE will literally Change Your Life.

My NHS doctor at my last appointment was surprised to see me walk in her room unaided she called my name and looked at an chap in the waiting room in a wheel chair and quizzed me as to it was not me, having spent 10 minutes reading through my notes before calling me to her consulting room. My answer was one she had heard of but for Asthma and Hay Fever and the like.
I gave her the only answer I could, I’m walking around almost normally thanks to THE SALT CAVE if you have COPD please please contact them and travel no matter how far the difference in my life is immeasurable I cannot thank them enough.

So THANK YOU to the SALT CAVE and all your kind and helpful staff many dark days in my life are behind me thanks to this treatment!”

Jul 28 13

by Sofia

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Mar 24 13

Complementary Therapies/Natural Remedies For Asthma

by Sofia

Mar 14 13

The Salt Cave in The Sun

by Sofia

Sun article 14 Sep 2013 (1)

Mar 11 13

Silicosis action filed against Anglo

by Sofia

Feb 24 13

The Salt Cave on Facebook

by Sofia

It’s worth liking our Facebook Page where you can read useful information on respiratory problems and salt therapy as well as get some of our new promotions on packages that is only available there!

Feb 14 13

Article about Salt Therapy

by Sofia

Dec 2 12

Winter Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deal in the Salt Caves

by Sofia

As regularly, at this time of year as well, we have our winter/Christmas Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal on our packages (excluding Pay As You Go and Unlimited Package), valid at ALL branches. The offer is expiring on 31st December, 2012.

Why not saving some money? You can buy any of the packages in advance and use it later on. It is a perfect gift as well to your loved ones.

You can buy these discounted packages:

Package Type Number of Sessions Prices B1G1F Promotion
Salt Package 5 5 Salt Therapy sessions £150 10 sessions
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Salt Package 15 15 Salt Therapy sessions £345 30 sessions
Salt Package 20 20 Salt Therapy sessions £400 40 sessions
Salt Package 30 30 Salt Therapy sessions £540 60 sessions